01Oscar Duckworth is a Nationally recognized Shotcrete Expert and one of the first ACI certified nozzlemen in the United States.

American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Shotcrete Association (ASA) member.

ACI EXAMINER, Wet-mix, Dry-mix, Overhead.

American Shotcrete Association Board of Directors Member.

ASA Education Committee Chair

ASA Former Safety Committee Chair

ASA Inspector Education Task group chair

ACI Committee 506, Shotcrete

ACI Committee 660, Certification

ACI Committee 601, Shotcrete Inspector

Duckworth is an:

Active Educator, various nationwide venues. Education programs include, Comprehensive equipment safety programs, hands-on Nozzleman training, Specialized placement procedures and finishing techniques, Optimized mixture designs for specific results, Overhead shotcrete placement programs highlighting the use of chemical admixtures and special overhead placement equipment.

Active Examiner; duties include administer ACI wet-mix and dry-mix certification education and testing program to ACI nozzlemen candidates across the country.

Shotcrete Consultant; scope of expertise includes, pneumatically applied shotcrete placement techniques, challenging placement conditions, tunneling, inplace analysis, and expert witness work.

Certified Nozzleman; Mr. Duckworth is recognized by his industry peers as a master nozzleman with a strong work ethic. Duckworth travels extensively, acting as lead nozzleman on a variety of technically challenging projects.

Technical Author; Duckworth shares his technical insight on pneumatically applied shotcrete through numerous published articles that reach a wide audience of Specifiers, Engineers, and Construction Professionals.

Mr. Duckworth has personally placed over two hundred thousand cubic yards of wet- mix shotcrete. This is an accomplishment that few people have ever attained. His contribution to the industry as a technical author, a dedicated committee member, an educator, and an ACI appointed Shotcrete Examiner, firmly places Mr. Duckworth in an elite group of industry leaders.

Knowledge can be gathered in many ways. Knowledge gained from this level of actual hands-on experience is of immense value to anyone requiring technical insight regarding pneumatically applied shotcrete.