Mr. Duckworth is an appointed American Concrete Institute (ACI) Examiner for all disciplines of shotcrete placement. He is one of roughly a dozen men worldwide authorized to perform official ACI Nozzleman education and examinations.

His duties include: Administer Shotcrete Nozzleman Education and Testing programs in all disciplines of shotcrete placement to prospective or re-certifying ACI shotcrete nozzleman candidates in all countries that require ACI Certification.

His professional experience is shared as a popular Industry Educator/Instructor. Various Nationwide Education programs include:

  • Comprehensive Equipment Safety programs.
  • Advanced shotcrete nozzleman education.
  • Specialized Placement Procedures and finishing techniques.
  • Optimizing admixtures and mixture designs for specification based projects.
  • Overhead shotcrete placement procedures requiring the use of chemical admixtures and specialized overhead placement equipment.

Duckworth also works as a Shotcrete Technical Consultant. Scope of expertise includes:

  • Shotcrete placement techniques.
  • Mixture design.
  • Chemical Admixtures for shotcrete placement.
  • Challenging placement conditions; emergency work, tide zone placement, tunneling, congested structural elements.
  • In-place evaluation, construction practices, Expert Witness work, Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Sustainable Construction Practices.

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