Welcome to Applied Shotcrete

Oscar Duckworth is a highly skilled wet-mix Shotcrete Nozzleman and one of the first ACI Certified Nozzlemen in the United States.

Since founding a small family company over two decades ago, he has logged more than 20,000 hours as an ACI Certified nozzleman, on over 2,500 projects.

Mr. Duckworth is an appointed American Concrete Institute (ACI) Examiner for all disciplines of shotcrete placement. He is one of roughly a dozen men worldwide authorized to perform official ACI Nozzleman Certification training and examinations for the shotcrete process.

His duties include: Administer Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification Training and Testing programs in all disciplines of shotcrete placement to perspective or re-certifying ACI shotcrete nozzleman candidates in all countries that require ACI Certification.

His professional experience is shared as a popular Industry Educator/Instructor. Various Nationwide Training programs include:

  • Comprehensive Equipment Safety programs.
  • Advanced shotcrete nozzleman training.
  • Specialized Placement Procedures and finishing techniques.
  • Optimizing admixtures and mixture designs for specification based projects.
  • Overhead shotcrete placement procedures requiring the use of chemical admixtures and specialized overhead placement equipment.

Duckworth also works as a Shotcrete Technical Consultant. Scope of expertise includes:

  • Shotcrete placement techniques.
  • Mixture design.
  • Chemical Admixtures for shotcrete placement.
  • Challenging placement conditions; emergency work, tide zone placement, tunneling, congested structural elements.
  • In-place evaluation, construction practices, Expert Witness work, Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Sustainable Construction Practices.

Technical Author:

Duckworth shares his technical insight on pneumatically applied shotcrete with a wide audience of specifiers, engineers, and construction professionals through over a dozen published technical articles on the shotcrete process.


Tom Augusta, Owner, Weirdo Skateboards:

Oscar is the VERY BEST at what he does. He did the Shotcrete here at the World Famous Weirdo Skateboard Bowl and the GREAT Feedback from Skaters never stops. He is also caring, personable, and very professional; a super guy to work with, an absolute pleasure !!!

Robin Edwards, Owner, Robin Edwards, Inc.:

Mr. Duckworth (Oscar) is a rarity. I know him as both a leader and a deep thinker. More than just a trusted critical piece of my business (Shotcreted basements), he is a cheerleader for the material, its applications, and the future of shotcrete.

Cheerleader, teacher, visionary. . . I’ve too often harnessed him to fixing my technical problems, and not set him free to exploit the true wonderful uses of shotcrete. Maybe you will be the one to help unleash his art. In the meantime, just watch in awe, and don’t even try to keep up with him.

Neil Smith:

The best of the best, few men of this caliber nowadays.

Artin Hamamciyan:

The best at what he does. Honest and informed.

Mr. Duckworth has personally placed nearly two hundred thousand cubic yards of wet-mix shotcrete. This is an accomplishment that few people have ever attained. His contribution to the industry as a technical consultant, author, dedicated committee member, educator, and an ACI Appointed Shotcrete Examiner, firmly places Mr. Duckworth in an elite group of industry leaders.

Knowledge can be gathered in many ways. Knowledge gained from this level of actual hands-on experience is of immense value to anyone requiring technical insight regarding pneumatically applied shotcrete.

Mr. Duckworth is recognized by his industry peers as a master nozzleman with a strong work ethic. Duckworth continues to travel extensively, acting as lead nozzleman on a variety of technically challenging projects.

Oscar, and his wife Lorri, have been together since high school. Together, with their two daughters, they operate an organic farm in Northern California. Along with typical farm activities, Lorri manages a successful sustainable farming intern program. Students from around the globe learn valuable hands-on organic farm practices through her popular apprenticeship program.

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