What We Offer

We place Shotcrete and we do it well.

Applied Shotcrete offers quality and traditional personal service that cannot be equaled in today’s market. Our hard work ethic and straight forward, no-frills daily pricing structure helps simplify the shotcrete process.

For those who have helped us grow for the last 25 years, Thank you.

We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Certified.

Contact Oscar or Dominic and give us a try on your next Shotcrete project.


Hands-on Training

Innovative, flexible programs designed to impart
hands-on knowledge


  • On-job training; your location or mine
  • Nozzleman Apprenticeship Program
  • Advanced Nozzleman Techniques
  • Wet-mix process
  • Placement and finishing skills
  • Advanced Nozzleman training
  • Specialized equipment
  • Chemical admixtures
  • Overhead shotcrete using nozzle applied chemical admixtures



Applied Shotcrete offers nationwide, comprehensive education and training programs, and expert services for the Shotcrete Industry

Programs Include:

  • Advanced Nozzleman Techniques
  • Secrets to Achieve High Quality Finishes with Shotcrete
  • What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You.
  • Chemical Admixtures’ powerful role in Wet-mix Shotcrete Placement
  • Navigating Shotcrete Specifications
  • Is your Shotcrete Knowledge Current? The answer may surprise you.
  • Specialized worker Safety Program; The hidden hazards of Shotcrete placement, Long and short course
  • Why Shotcrete Fails; In-place analysis
  • The black art of Shotcrete mixture designs